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Enabling data connections for Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook

Have you noticed in Excel you sometimes cannot update your spreadsheet used to pull information from other programs?  Chances are there is a Security Warning message on the top left that says “Data Connections have been disabled”.  This is a safeguard designed to protect your system from potential harm.

Microsoft’s security warning does give you the option to enable the connections so that you can continue with your work.  However, if you feel that you only open safe data files and want to enable the content automatically, here’s how to do it in MS Excel:

  1. Open Microsoft Excel, click on File on the top left
  2. Select Options, Trust Center, Trust Center Settings
  3. External Content (on the left), then select “Enable all Data Connections (not recommended)”
  4. Click OK, then exit and reopen your spreadsheet.  The “Data Connections have been disabled” message should be gone.

Note: This will also work for Microsoft Excel, Word and other Microsoft programs.

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