3 Dos and 3 Don’ts - Tips for Moving Your Office Space

May 31, 2012

3 Dos and 3 Don’ts - Tips for Moving Your Austin Office Space

Moving your business can be an exciting time for any company, but if you fail to take proper precautions it can turn into a clustered and painstaking process. Lucky for you, Austin Tenant Advisors has devised a plan to help minimize your efforts and maximize efficiency during this transitional period. Listed below are some points taken from our Office Moving guide to help give you a feel for what you should be prepared for and how the right preparation will get you up and running in your new office space with as little down time as possible.

Top 3 Office Moving DOS:

  1. 1. The Timing Must be Right
  • Timing is everything when it comes to moving your office space. It is pivotal when making the decision to move that you are in a financial position capable of making a move and that you have a clean slate with your current landlord. Make note of some key dates for both your move in date and the expiration of your current lease, as well as dates when you can start breaking down your office and begin the transition.
  1. 2. Know Your Office Requirements
  • When planning your new office lease you will want take in consideration space, location, and the length of lease before you start looking for potential properties. Knowledge of these requirements will not only save you and your Austin commercial real estate agents time, but will minimize the downtime during your transition as well. Knowing your office requirements will assure that this process goes more smoothly.
  1. 3. Hire a Commercial Real Estate Tenant Rep
  • Having a seasoned commercial real estate professional in your corner during the moving process has multiple advantages. Tenant representatives know the Austin commercial real estate market in and out and have access to commercial properties to help you find your desired space. They also know how to navigate through the leasing process and will negotiate your lease for you to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible. Better yet, since your future landlord pays their fee, their service is free to you!

Top 3 Office Moving DON’TS

  1. 1. Don’t Leave it to the Last Minute
  • When you begin realizing that you want to move, the sooner you act on it the easier it’s going to be. Taking advantage of the time you have will allow you to plan accordingly, evaluate your options and ultimately save you money and hassle.
  1. 2. Don’t Forget to Answer the Important Questions
  • If you are the key decision maker behind your move, be aggressive and proactive about this process. Ask yourself the following questions and make sure you have clear answers to them before proceeding any further:

i. Why are you moving? Need more space? New Location? Cheaper office

ii. Where do you want to move?

iii. When do you need to be up and running in your new Austin office space?

  1. 3. Don’t Fail to Create the Right Budget
  • The cost of moving is almost always more expensive than what people originally expect in their rough budget estimate. Be sure to know all of the expenses associated with the moving process and then be sure to add a 10% cushion just to be safe. Be sure to update your budget and keep on track of your expenses as they occur so you can have a better idea of your overall moving expense.

These lists of Dos and Don'ts should help any business take the right steps during their moving process. To read the entire list of Office Moving Dos and Don’ts and view a detailed Office Moving Checklist click here to download our FREE e-book – Austin Office Moving Guide.

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