3 Reasons Why YOUR Business Should be using Facebook Marketing

August 09, 2013

In May 2013, Facebook released some pretty astounding statistics showing audience engagement on Facebook. It’s been difficult for some businesses to understand why they need to get in the Facebook game. If you find yourself asking questions like these….then read on…this blog is for your business!

“Why should I waste my time on Facebook? It doesn’t seem like a professional social network.”

“Can I target my B2B audience through advertising on Facebook?”

I get asked these questions often by businesses and some just don’t realize the impact that Facebook has made in the social media and advertising world in the last 12 months.

Here are some Facebook stats you should know:1.11 Billion Monthly Active Users

  • 1.1 Billion Active Monthly Users
  • $1.25 Billion in Ad Revenue generated in 1st quarter 2013
  • 4.5 Billion Likes Generated Daily
  • 7.5 Million People Promoted their Posts in 12 month timeframe (these are easy promote post ads)
  • 16 Million Local Business Pages on Facebook
  • 665 Million Daily Active Users
  • 751 Million Mobile Monthly Active Users

There are THREE reasons why YOUR business should not only have a Facebook business page but should be ENGAGING with your customers:

#1 Build a Relationship with Your Customers

This is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT reason to be active as a business on Facebook. Your customers are using it and it provides you with an opportunity to connect with your customers and build a trusting relationship. Feature your charity work or highlight an employee of the month. This will make your business feel “human” and encourage a relationship with your customer.

#2 Drive Sales using Facebook Advertising

Facebook launched the ability to advertise on their network in June of 2012. Since then billions of businesses have leveraged this to micro-target their customers. You can use Custom Audiences to target using email lists or you can use Partner Categories to target an industry such as small business owners.

#3 ENGAGE Your Customers & and INFLUENCE Your Prospects

When you engage with your customers by providing useful content, they become your brand ambassadors. When this happens, something powerful occurs on Facebook….Influence. Your brand ambassadors will SHARE your content with their friends thereby influencing them to Like your page or better yet, become aware of your business or products.

Consider these 3 reasons why your business should be focused on Facebook as a part of your integrated marketing strategy and how Facebook Marketing can help you reach your business goals. With proper planning you’ll be well on your way to Facebook Marketing Success. This blog is the first in a series of articles on using Facebook for Business.

In this series I'll teach you:
  1. How to set up a Facebook business page in 7 easy steps
  2. Discussing whether internal management or outsourcing to a consultant is the right choice for your Facebook business page
  3. How to set a budget for your Facebook business page

For more information on Facebook Marketing and Advertising for your business, visit Jen’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/JenSmithSocial

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Jennifer Smith

Austin Tenant Advisors

Jen Smith is the go-to source for smart, savvy Facebook marketing and advertising. Equal parts tech researcher and social media maven, Jen brings over 15 years of online marketing experience to the table, helping her clients connect powerfully with their consumers – and injecting serious know-how into their brand's social presence on Facebook. Jen gives businesses the tools to use Facebook to grow their bottom line and whip their customers into an excited frenzy, while making the Facebook marketing process "like"-able for everyone She is also the owner, along with her husband Nathan, of Austin Tenant Advisors, an Austin commercial real estate firm that specializes in tenant representation. In addition to being an active commercial real estate advisor, Jennifer also brings more than 15 years of marketing and sales experience in the high tech industry to the Austin, TX. 

After living in Austin for 15 years, she is also a self-proclaimed Austinite and loves everything about Austin from shopping to eating at trendy restaurants to catching a live music show.
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