4 Technology Challenges Businesses Face in 2018

April 05, 2018


Technology plays a key role in all businesses today. It’s more important than ever for business owners to be technologically literate in order to protect and grow their businesses. In my new series of articles, I will discuss the top four technology challenges that businesses are facing in 2018 and provide practical solutions for each of them.  Those challenges are:

Cybersecurity: how to do it properly and affordably  

Cybersecurity must be top of mind for every business leader and Board of Directors member.  Small to mid-size businesses typically don’t have the right cybersecurity expertise internally, and they need to find the right external experts to rely on. Too often, company leaders contact major national cybersecurity firms, only to find that their rates are not affordable.  Unfortunately, as a result, many companies stop this important initiative and fail to address this growing business risk. Affordable, solid solutions are available, and we’ll discuss how you can best leverage them.

Technology skills shortage

Across the country companies are seeing a significant shortage for key technology roles.  One of the biggest shortage is experienced technology leaders. For success, a business can’t just hire more “techies”, they need business-savvy, experienced technology leaders.  So how can your company best fill these roles and acquire the top talent? In this blog series, I’ll share some solutions to consider.


The pace of change continues to increase.  Your customers expect more, your competitors are moving faster, and your needs are rapidly changing. Within your technology organization, major projects used to be planned and implemented over years, but now they must be completed in days. Along with the shorter timelines, your organization must be able to quickly pivot and adapt to new demands. In this series, I’ll share some practical tips to help business leaders create a more agile organization.

Digital Transformation

How will your business integrate digital technology into all areas of the business to improve operations and deliver more value to customers?  The digital experience, is a key part of the customer’s interaction with any company, and can inform their view of the company as a whole. Digital transformation also plays a key role in improving a company’s agility, efficiency, and ability to compete in a rapidly-changing market.  It rewards first movers and some super-fast followers, and leaves the others playing catch-up and struggling to survive.

In my next several articles, we’ll review each of these technology challenges in more detail and provide recommendations for each. Be sure to subscribe to the Business Resource Center to have these solutions (and other news and best practices for business owners to know) delivered straight to your inbox.

Mark Johnson

President of Xtrii, and Global Technology Advisor

Mark Johnson is a global technology advisor with more than 30 years of successful business results. His experience includes roles as a global Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and innovative, business leader for organizations ranging from $15 Billion+ and 100,000+ employees, to small, fast-paced, rapid-growth companies. Mark currently serves as President of Xtrii (www.Xtrii.com), an executive-level, technology consulting firm that works with C-level executives to provide proven technology leaders that help them address their most pressing technology challenges and risks. He has worked with companies to achieve extraordinary success that is globally recognized for technology excellence, such as the 4-time repeat winner of the national award for the best Information Technology organization, the national “Innovator of the Year” award, and Microsoft’s “Global Technology Innovation” award. Mark has been featured in Bloomberg Business Week, Computerworld Magazine, CIO Magazine, and many other national publications. He is a frequent keynote speaker and technology advisor on how companies can best leverage technology for optimal business outcomes.
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