A Guide to Cash Management for Business Executives

April 03, 2017

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As a business executive, cash management is a vital skill. Cash is one of the top five financial variables by which business are evaluated for potential investment, commercial loan approval and the sale of the business. It is the fuel that drives growth, and managing cash incorrectly can have a negative impact on the success of your business.

For business owners, effective cash management means being able to answer two important questions: "what happened to the cash last month?" and "what's about to happen to the cash?" Thankfully, we are fortunate enough to have CPA, author and expert, Philip Campbell, share how to understand your cash flow in less than 10 minutes through tools such as the Focus Report and more. This guide was created to illuminate key points business executives need to know about cash flow management, and it details banking products that can help business executives effectively manage working capital, operate more efficiently and streamline treasury processes. 

In the guide, you'll see some of the drastic technological changes in banking that have taken place over the last several years and learn how these changes can benefit your business. You'll also be able to access interactive dashboards that allow you to harness insights and focus in a compelling way. Lastly, Phillip clearly outlines the importance of cash flow projections so you can use them to illuminate the reality of your business for lenders, investors and your own team. Afer reading this ebook, our hope is that you'll be able to clearly explain your cash flow to anyone in two minutes or less.

At Business Bank of Texas, we are committed to providing educational resources on our website dedicated to helping executives manage their cash successfully. With that, we are pleased to offer our latest ebook, The Business Bank of Texas' Guide to Cash Management. We hope you find this guide useful for your business.

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Dwayne Kolly

Business Bank of Texas

Dwayne Kolly brings a wealth of financial management and operations experience to Business Bank of Texas. Kolly has served community banks in south and central Texas for nearly 30 years, and is the bank’s CEO and Chief Financial Officer. He is a graduate of the Southwestern Graduate School of Banking at SMU (1993).
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