Announcing New Business Resource Center Webinar Series

January 11, 2011

Business Bank of Texas, N.A. is pleased to sponsor its' newest online program supporting Texas business owners. The Business Resource Center Webinar made it debut in February 2011 and will be an on going program throughout the year. The webinars will feature topics presented by local business and financial experts.

The second in the series is Hiring Excellence: Predicting Personal Performance by Steve Rosebaugh

Date & Time: March 24, 2011 @ 10AM

The cost of hiring the wrong person for the job is very high, while the value of hiring the right person can be priceless. People are an organization’s most valuable asset and are critical element for a company’s success. Yet seat-of-the-pants hiring methodologies have led to painful experiences that could have been prevented. So why do instincts fail hiring managers so often? What are the best practices being used by the most successful companies?
Join this webinar for a great overview of how to hire the best people for your company.

Come prepared to talk specifics about your situation.

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Kelly Jackson

Jaxzen Marketing Strategies

Kelly is the CEO of Jaxzen Marketing Strategies. Career Marketing Communications professional and innovative small business owner. At Jaxzen Marketing our strategy is to work with teams to align marketing activities with sales goals, and then to measure their effectiveness in terms of leads converted. By developing integrated marketing communications plans around this objective, we’re able to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.
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