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July 12, 2016


Since I started in accounting many years ago, I’ve seen us go from paper ledgers to One Write Systems (remember Safeguard?) to desktop computer programs to the cloud.

I’ve seen banking go from all paper and banking only at the bank, to bank feeds of transactions to QB (QuickBooks), remote deposits, and online banking. In my high school summer jobs, I hand sorted cleared checks, bundled and mailed them back to the customer with their statement. Now, some of my clients have never even seen a paper register and don't know what an outstanding check is!

In keeping with Business Bank of Texas' focus on automation to keep costs down for its customers as well as to provide timesaving convenient banking, I’ll focus my next series of articles on apps (software applications) for QB. These apps for both QB Desktop and QB Online are also meant to save time, improve efficiency and accuracy, cut down on filing paper documents, improve productivity and reduce business expenses.

First my take on where Intuit is headed with it products. Desktop products Pro, Premier and Enterprise are still available, but the push is for Pro and Premier users to move to the cloud product, QBO (QuickBooks Online). Enterprise is now sold as a subscription in keeping in line with the subscription pricing of QBO. They tell us that Desktop products are not going anywhere. I think that may be true for the short term, but I’m not sure about the long term. In the meantime, I still have a large number of clients using QB Desktop because it best fits their needs. I also have a large number of clients on QBO. Choosing which platform is right for you takes research and possibly consulting with a QB ProAdvisor. You should also know that there are apps that might expand the QBO product to compete with all the bells and whistles in QB Desktop, or expand QB Desktop even further in its functionality.

While some apps are for both platforms, some are for only one or the other. There are all kinds of apps out there and new ones sprouting every day. There are apps to:

  • Enhance transaction feeds into your QB, allowing for less manual data entry
  • Handle your employee scheduling and timekeeping needs and seamlessly lead to invoicing and payroll fulfillment
  • Capture your receipts by phone, feed the data to QB, and store the receipts electronically
  • Gather all of your bank, credit card, and other statements automatically every month and assemble them into one easy to access location
  • Move your accounts payable process to the cloud so that you can be anywhere at any time and still approve or execute payments

While attending my last training conference about the QB ecosystem, there were over a hundred vendor booths touting apps that integrate with QB. In future articles, I will address a few of the apps out of the ocean of possible candidates.

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Margie Monroe

Margie Monroe, CPA, LLC

Margie has been a CPA since 1980 and has always enjoyed assisting people. Whether it was her early years in both public and private accounting or her twenty plus years working with nonprofit organizations. For the last ten years, she has assisted businesses and individuals with their accounting needs using QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, POS and Online through Margie Monroe, CPA, LLC. She can be reached at
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