Automation with QuickBooks, Part 2

October 13, 2016

QuickBooks_automation_part_2.jpgAutomating your bookkeeping with QuickBooks is easier now than ever. There are so many great third party apps in the marketplace. In this article in my Automation with QuickBooks series, I will share one of the apps I am currently using. I'll also show you how combining it with features in QuickBooks saves me time and money.

As anyone with employees knows, capturing employee time efficiently and accurately can sometimes be a bear. This is especially true if you are always running down late time sheets. I switched my timekeeping system to TSheets several years ago and love it, and so do my employees.I also have clients on TSheets, and I can easily tailor a variety of features to meet each client’s particular needs.

TSheets is easy, adaptable to all sorts of businesses, and it merges seamlessly with QuickBooks. You can complete your payroll using QuickBooks payroll or another service provider, like ADP or Paychex.

My timekeeping needs are:

  1. producing biweekly payroll for both hourly and salaried employees
  2. creating invoices that detail our services, time spent and billing rates by employee on a periodic basis for our clients.

For both of these needs, detail and accuracy are crucial.

Each day, my staff can enter their time via TSheets from wherever they are, either using their computers or the mobile app. They can do it in real time, or they can and enter their time later when they are ready. There are a lot of options in all areas of TSheets, so you set the parameters that work for your business.

My employees enter their time by calendar day, provide the client name, choose the type of service they performed and write a detailed description of those services. I don’t use Classes in my business, but if I did, they could also choose which Class. After that, the employees just need to enter their time, confirm, and submit it by my assigned due date for the pay period. It's also possible to set up auto reminders for employees to receive before an upcoming due date.

After the employees have submitted their time, I log in to TSheets as the Admin to review their time. You can also have an intermediate step for supervisors if necessary.Then I decide whether to accept it or kick it back to them with any questions I may have. With a click of a reject button, it opens an email for me to send to let them know what I need changed or what I want clarified. Once I approve the time, I simply start the sync process in QuickBooks to bring the data from TSheets into the QuickBooks timesheets.

Now that my data is in QuickBooks, I use the payroll feature in QuickBooks to create payroll checks by timesheets for the hourly employees. From my initial review of TSheets to emailing my five employees their payroll stubs, I’ve usually spent under thirty minutes. Before TSheets, I manually entered my staff’s time into QuickBooks from their handwritten submissions. What once took me hours is down to minutes.

My next important use of the data gathered by TSheets is to invoice my clients. Basically, I enter the client’s name on an invoice, and the time spent on this client by each employee is available to autofill the invoice in chronological order and by the billing rate of each employee. I can edit, add, or delete anything I want, or apply discounts, and then I’m ready to email my client their invoice.

By combining the automated processes in QuickBooks with the TSheets app, my firm’s collection of staff time, production of payroll and creation of invoices is done in a fraction of the amount of time I used to spend.

Of course, the amount of time spent learning any new product and ensuring successful setup for new software is always a concern. TSheets has awesome support staff available and training videos, and will assist you in the setup process. After the initial setup, they continue to be available to assist you or your employees. You might also want to reach out to your QuickBooks ProAdvisor. They can help with setting it up, and integrating it with timesaving processes within QuickBooks. Many QuickBooks ProAdvisors are also TSheets Certified ProAdvisors.

On November 3rd I hosted a webinar provided by TSheets for anyone who wants a demonstration of the time keeping app. They also have recently added a scheduling component. If you are interested in learning more, watch the webinar by clicking on the button below. Feel free to share this information with others.Watch Margie Monroe's  TSheets Webinar here

Take a look at the attached flyers if you want to continue to learn about TSheets immediately. You can also go directly to the TSheets web site through my affiliate link by clicking here.

For full disclosure as a licensed Texas CPA: as a TSheets Certified ProAdvisor, I receive commissions on all accounts initiated through my affiliate link. If you decide to call, you can give my affiliate ID to the TSheets rep. If you prefer not to, that’s fine, too; my goal is simply to introduce you to the world of TSheets.

You may also be interested in reading The How-to Guide to Using QuickBooks for Your Business. Download your copy here: 

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