Business Pride Pays Off

March 26, 2012

Pride may go before a fall, but it can also be good. It can help a business owner focus on what really matters.

If you don’t think pride leads to success, just look at the people who work for you. Pride can also help employees to see their jobs as more than a paycheck.

When studies are done about what motivates employees, no matter what the economy is doing, good wages are not the most important thing. They don’t even come in second.

What does top their list? Pride. Their pride is reflected in their top desires: promotion and growth, feeling in on things, and feeling valuable to the organization.

Pride has paid off for us. It’s kept us going for 30 years. Daniel Diener and I may see the Business Success Center as providing sales, marketing, and financial strategy to growing and under-achieving businesses but we also take pride in educating owners so that they can achieve success during and after working with us.

We show that pride by having education as a big part of our business philosophy. To us, the Chinese proverb is exactly right: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

That pride shows itself each year in our outreach to our colleagues to participate in educational programs. First it was our Entrepreneurs’ Day. Then it was to ask them to assist with the “Street MBA” and “City Management Academy” that we developed and taught for Austin Community College continuing education. We then brought it in house to the Business Success Center as our “Owners MBA” program but kept them a part of it. Over the years, we have seen the pride of almost a thousand people who learned how to get their business or department on course and over a hundred who are proud of their contribution to this discovery process.

Then there was RISE Week, a full week of free business education provided in locations around Austin. We started doing sessions for RISE by ourselves. Because we were proud of the goal of the event and our colleagues, we asked a few to join us and share their expertise to business owners and wannabe owners. We provided the venue. We all provided our knowledge for 90 minutes for free to anyone who showed up.

Now, four years later, we have 30 experts including Dan and me providing seminars on topics ranging from business ethics to marketing and sales to financial and legal issues. Next week, March 26-30, you’ll find us at our offices at the Chase Bank Building 7600 Burnet Road hosting 25 RISE sessions, 5 a day, from 8am to 4pm. It’s our BSC RISE Week contribution and we’re proud to do it. I hope you’ll join us. Here’s where to go for a list of our presentations and links to sign up,

I want to share my RISE pride with you.

• I am so proud that Ed Lette, President and CEO of the Business Bank of Texas, will be one of our funding panelists.

• I appreciate the pride of Tony Quesada from Austin Business Journal, Kevin Benz from CultureMap Austin, and Michael Pearson of YNN and others who are taking their time to let businesses “Meet the Media”.

• I recognize the pride of knowledge that our other presenters bring and the time they give up to do this.

• I acknowledge the company pride of GoLocal that is donating a GoLocal card supporting local businesses as a door prize for each session.

• I am so grateful and proud of the great help that I have gotten from Jaxzen Marketing to help us get the word out and to educate our experts in how they can use social media to let their customers and prospects know about this event.

• There’s my staff, especially Chris Pasch and Marsha Vanhorn. They take pride in helping make this a success for presenters and participants.

I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done this without all this help. It makes me proud to call all these people “friends” as well as colleagues.

In April, I will receive the 2012 Career Achievement award from my undergraduate college, Mary Baldwin College, in Staunton, Virginia. One of the questions they asked me was what was I proudest of. It’s a great question. You read my answer.

Now, I’m asking you. What makes you “Business Proud”? Say it out loud. Say it to your employees. Say it to your customers. Pride can be a very good thing to have and a big pay off. In hard times, it can be hard to keep your pride but it’s critical to getting through, getting on, and being successful.

Tell me, too. I really want to know and share it. I wish I had an award to give each one of you.

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Jan Triplett

Business Success Center

Jan Triplett, Ph.D. is the CEO of the Business Success Center (BSC), a City of Austin certified green business, that provides sales and financial growth strategies, planning, and implementation. She is also a professor in Business and Professional Skills for the online MBA program at Mary Baldwin University. Triplett is a national and international speaker, author of A Networker’s Guide to Success and co-author of Thinking Big, Staying Small and Easy to be Green. She published The Networker ” magazine for over ten years and moderated KUT radio’s nationally syndicated program, “The Next 200 Years”. She was co-creator of the award-winning “City Management Academy” and the “Owners MBA” and co-founded the Entrepreneurs’ Association Hatchery incubator and accelerator. She is a small business activist. She served as a White House Conference on Small Business and Congressional Summit delegate, served on the Mayor’s Task Force on International Infrastructure, initiated the Northcross IBIZ District and recommended portions of Austin’s Big Box Ordinance. She was a founder of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Texas and the Greater Austin International Coalition. The SBA honored her as Texas’ Small Business Advocate. She has also earned her CBTAC and Director credentials. Her company received a Small Business Administration (SBA) five-star national award and the Austin Business Journal named it a top 20 management consulting firm.
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