Office Moving Guide: An Office Checklist

May 15, 2012

The Office Moving Guide: The Dos and Don'ts of Moving Your Office

Written by: Jennifer Smith & Nathan Smith of Austin Tenant Advisors

The Office Moving Guide is an easy to follow informational guide that provides businesses with a list of Dos and Don’ts for your office move that ensures you don’t miss any of the many steps you need to follow to have a smooth moving process. It also provides a comprehensive Moving Checklist that gives you a timeline to follow during the lease negotiation period, after your lease has been signed, how to ultimately prepare for the move, and what steps to take after the move is finalized.

The Office Moving Guide is a tool that all businesses can use to ensure that their office move is smooth sailing and the ebook can be found on the Austin Tenant Advisors website in a downloadable pdf format.

Office Moving Guide ebook from Austin Tenant Advisors

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Jennifer Smith

Austin Tenant Advisors

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