Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders

June 27, 2018


Most small business owners recognize that maintaining a talented workforce is key to their company’s success. Although the majority of workers provide value to their companies, some have unique traits that make them high-potential employees. These workers are especially important to a business, as they can enhance a company’s bottom line and also become the next generation of workplace leaders.

High-potential employees often exhibit similar qualities as those of effective leaders. They are frequently self-motivated, goal-oriented and able to recognize the actions needed to meet objectives. They can be ambitious, rarely resting on their laurels, are often reluctant to sit back and let others take charge, and are unafraid of making mistakes that, ultimately, can provide them valuable experience. These leaders tend to be strong communicators who collaborate well with others and, as a result, are often respected by their colleagues.

To help the career development of high-potential employees, it is important for employers to devise a plan that includes the following steps:

Involve senior management

High-potential employees should know that senior management recognizes and values their hard work and dedication. In addition to serving as a morale-booster, this recognition demonstrates management’s commitment to helping employees advance within the organization.

Offer training opportunities

High-potential employees consistently look for opportunities to increase their knowledge and expertise. Allowing them the opportunity to work in other departments or attend seminars may help expand their knowledge base while motivating and engaging them.

Implement a coaching strategy

Even the most talented individuals can benefit from ongoing direction and feedback from supervisors. Managers should consider collaborating with high-potential employees to set goals and provide feedback so employees can recognize their progress and continue to improve their performance.

Recognize achievements

Everyone appreciates praise for hard work or a job well done. This can be especially true when an employee meets a challenging goal or reaches a new milestone. Employees should be reminded by management how their abilities and efforts positively impact the company.

Develop a career plan

Many high-performing employees are ambitious and eager to reach the next level of their careers, and are willing to put in the extra effort to accomplish their goals. If employees know that an employer is invested in their future, they may feel more inclined to remain with the company and help it flourish.

High-potential employees may be a company’s strongest asset. While already successful in their current positions, these individuals have the capacity to make even greater contributions to the business. When employers recognize and embrace such employees, they are able to help ensure the future success of their organizations.

About Insperity

Eric Bonugli is a district manager and Kay Oder is a Certified Business Performance Advisor for Insperity. They are located in the company’s Austin office. Insperity, a trusted advisor to America’s best businesses for more than 32 years provides an array of human resources and business solutions designed to help improve business performance.

Kay Oder


Kay Oder has owned six companies, has been a resource to thousands to businesses and brought solutions to help business owners minimize risk, improve business performance and navigate today’s highly regulated and complex “business of being an employer”.

Today, Kay uses the insights gained throughout her career as a speaker, business owner and business advisor. Audiences enjoy her candid, informed perspective on HR related topics as well as her razor-sharp southern wit.

Kay is also a Certified Business Performance Advisor with Insperity, the $2.6 billion business performance solutions provider she has called home since 1993. Kay has consistently been among the company’s top producers during her 20 plus years with the organization, earning Insperity’s highest honors, including the Top Volume, Circle of Excellence and the Chairman’s Club awards.

Prior to Insperity, Kay was the President and Co-founder of Texas Valve Specialists, a supplier in the oil and gas industry. She has also owned companies in the construction, demolition, machining and promotional apparel arenas. She spent four years as a client of Insperity and upon selling her last venture, joined the Insperity team.

From an early age Kay demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit, beginning at age six when she sold cantaloupes from her parents’ front yard, which she offered three for fifty-cents, with a free puppy.

Kay and her husband, Dale, relocated to Austin from the Houston area in 1996 when a theft occurred in their family: their granddaughter was born and stole their hearts, so they had to follow.

Insperity, a trusted advisor to America’s best businesses for more than 30 years, provides an array of human resources and business solutions designed to help improve business performance. Insperity® Business Performance Advisors offer the most comprehensive suite of products and services available in the marketplace. Insperity delivers administrative relief, better benefits, reduced liabilities and a systematic way to improve productivity through its premier Workforce Optimization® solution. Additional company offerings include Human Capital Management, Payroll Services, Time and Attendance, Performance Management, Organizational Planning, Recruiting Services, Employment Screening, Financial Services, Expense Management, Retirement Services and Insurance Services. Insperity business performance solutions support more than 100,000 businesses with over 2 million employees. With 2016 revenues of $2.9 billion, Insperity operates in 61 offices throughout the United States. For more information, call 800-465-3800 or visit

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