The Technology Advantage

November 29, 2012

At The Business Bank of Texas, N.A., we pride ourselves on leveraging cutting-edge technology in order to provide great service to our customers, and also to keep costs low and pass on the savings to our depositors. We’re constantly working with our technology partners to adopt new services in order for our customers to have more convenient banking.

Recently, our technology partner, Fiserv, even highlighted us in their Annual Stakeholders Report as a bank that’s innovative in using technology. When you look at other banks, we feel that this is one way we really stand out. While many existing banks have legacy systems for their banking and their internal services, we’re able to realize savings by heavily leveraging online banking services that not only keep our costs low, but make things easier for our customers.

We work closely with our customers to enable significant savings. By not supporting large staffs or legacy systems, Business Bank of Texas is able to charge lower fees on many common banking systems that businesses need.

An example of this is the Remote Deposit product that we give to all of our depositors at no charge. Another one of our customers, Rusty Brannen of Brannen’s Inc., shares his experience:

“When I heard about it, I jumped on it right away. With four stores making two to three bank runs a day, we were spending a lot of time and burning a lot of gas. With Remote Deposit, we’re saving a significant amount of time and money, and I’ve been able to consolidate store deposits into one account. It’s made my life a whole lot simpler.”

While other banks can charge over $100/month per scanner, we see it as a benefit to us that our customers have them standard with their accounts. It cuts down on their costs and lets each office function as their own “branch”.

Our goal is to take advantage of technology whenever possible to either make things easier for our customers or to save them money. Are you ready for a bank that’s dedicated to being on the cutting-edge? Download our switch kit:

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Ed Lette

Business Bank of Texas

Ed Lette is a Founder of Business Bank of Texas. Serving as a licensed CPA since 1983, Ed’s extensive experience in the banking industry has led him to become the founding president of four national bank charters including Business Bank of Texas, N.A., and the chief financial officer of five national banks during his 45 year career. Ed serves as director of the Texas Bankers Association District 4, chairman of the Executive Advisory Council to the School of Business at Texas Lutheran University, and is a life member of the Texas Association of Business.
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