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Save time and money with new Online Bill Pay.

New Online Bill Pay service from Business Bank of Texas eliminates the need for manual check payments, not to mention the manual creation and “float” costs associated with them. Backed by secure ACH processing, online bill pay lets you control disbursement of funds with greater accuracy and maintain an optimal level of cash-on-hand at all times. With Online Bill Pay, you can make payments, handle transfers, track and send rush payments, and even pay any number of employees across multiple accounts – all with no hidden fees.

Reduce the cost of accounts payable with online banking.

Business Bank of Texas reduces the time and expense associated with originating payments to businesses or individuals. For less than the cost of cutting a manual check, Business Bank of Texas lets you maintain internal control over creation, approval, and viewing of payments. You can also schedule recurring or single payments, review payment history, and view, modify or cancel pending payments.

Stay in control of check issuance.

Positive Pay service from Business Bank of Texas complements your internal controls to enhance detection of unauthorized checks. The service matches data you provide against checks presented to the bank for payment and you are automatically notified of any discrepancies.

We make it easy.

Business Bank of Texas uses the Federal Reserve’s Fedline Advantage™ service to process ACH transactions, ensuring the utmost speed, reliability and security. The Business Bank of Texas also provides both domestic and wire transfers online or over the phone when your payment needs are more immediate.

Expert Support

Our expert staff is standing by to help you set up any of our business treasury cash management services. Call us at 1-866-512-1228 if you have any questions or by e-mail at

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