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Remote Deposit service with Merchant Capture

Remote deposit from Business Bank of Texas saves you time and money that directly improves your business’ bottom line. Using remote deposit to support your banking needs, you can eliminate frequent business-day disruptions related to cash management. All deposit transactions are managed online, saving precious time in travel, not to mention the hassles associated with antiquated, handwritten deposit slips and teller lines.

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While larger institutions demand upwards of $100 per month for this service, Business Bank of Texas provides remote deposit service at no cost to you. Small footprint image capture technology is provided to you free of charge and no fees are assessed for software or the service itself. Call us for a comparative quote to find out how much time and money Business Bank of Texas can save you.

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Our updated Remote Deposit service with Merchant Capture provides improved services including:

  • Single Sign On: This means you will no longer need a separate user id & password for making deposits. All deposits will be made using “Merchant Capture” in online banking.
  • Mac Users: All those currently using Mac will now be able to utilize our check scanning process to make deposits.
  • Updated System Support: Windows 10 users will now have full support for deposit capture use.
  • Check Scanning: The scanning process in Merchant Capture is a more stream lined and user friendly process.
  • IT Support: Faster and easier support process for trouble shooting system and machine errors and malfunctions
  • Later Cutoff Time: Cutoff times for deposits is now 5:00 pm
  • Expert Support

Our expert staff is standing by to help you set up any of our business treasury cash management services. Call us at 1-512-835-6600 if you have any questions or by e-mail at

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