Software Consulting Business Makes a Banking Change That Pays Off

Reaching the 20-year mark this year, Cooper Consulting just keeps growing. Like many successful businesses, Cooper Consulting has evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of the marketplace.


In the eight years Melynda Caudle's been running things, the business has shifted from a staffing focus to managing complicated projects around enterprise software systems.

Cooper Consulting specializes in IT solutions handling the biggest, toughest information systems challenges that large, complex organizations face. Their work ranges from taking on the full-scale design, development, implementation, and management of enterprise systems to simply providing the right staff support for clients’ internally driven projects. A few of their clients include Texas Education Agency (TEA), Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

Melynda knows the importance of being open to change in keeping her business thriving. She already had an SBA loan and a commercial mortgage, but hoped for a little more flexibility on them to help her business grow. When a friend mentioned the Business Bank of Texas she looked into working with them.

It paid off. When she viewed the proposal provided by one of our business experts, "it just blew us out of the water," she says. The bank offered better terms, better flexibility, and showed a clear understanding of the needs of small businesses.

Melynda not only made the move, but has continued to turn to the Business Bank of Texas for additional help as her business grows. She just finalized on an Advancing Term Loan to help Cooper Consulting continue to take on even bigger projects. "Having the specific bank products that a small business needs is really key," she explains.

One such specific business product is the Advancing Term Loan. This type of loan has a period of time that will allow the borrower to take an advance on the Line of Credit, where the borrower just makes interest only payments. The loan becomes a term loan with specified principal and interest payments due monthly for the predetermined term of the loan after the advancing period. This type of flexible financing saves the customer money by only charging interest on the items that they must purchase in advance of a large project.

Melynda also emphasized her decision to continue to bank with Business Bank of Texas is the outstanding customer service and the ease of working with them. Melynda and her team wear many hats. "Our work for clients spans building custom software applications, skills assessments for IT, network assessments, and a lot of serious project management." There's not a lot of time left over for extra haggling or paperwork.

That makes the best part of her experience with the Business Bank of Texas the personal relationship she can depend on, "I can just pick up the phone and say I need your advice or help on this."

A growing business has a lot to juggle. Knowing she has a bank she can consistently depend on means one less thing for Melynda to worry about. She can keep more of her attention on enabling the growth and success of Cooper Consulting and the projects they take on for their clients.

Ed Lette

Business Bank of Texas

Ed Lette is a Founder of Business Bank of Texas. Serving as a licensed CPA since 1983, Ed’s extensive experience in the banking industry has led him to become the founding president of four national bank charters including Business Bank of Texas, N.A., and the chief financial officer of five national banks during his 45 year career. Ed serves as director of the Texas Bankers Association District 4, chairman of the Executive Advisory Council to the School of Business at Texas Lutheran University, and is a life member of the Texas Association of Business.

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